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Wedding planners you can trust. Oh and don't worry - Our iPhones ARE ALWAYS CHARGED. we have the best response rate to all our clients at any time of the day.. 

Kiara Daniels, Event Planner

Life is full of events that should be celebrated. I believe creating a memorable experiences to bench mark each one!  In addition to event planning, I double as a program coordinator and manager of logistics. My background in logistics has prepared me to execute any project with efficiency and and professionalism. I have a passion for art and design that is helps me bring an array of ideas and visions to life. Prior to my career in logistics and coordination, I have been in the service industry for over 12 years from catering to event hosting. I understand the importance of time and preparation in any event and I am able to anticipate and mitigate unexpected issues with grace. From children's birthdays to weddings I love to create unique experiences that leave guests feeling excited to become clients for a lifetime of events.  



Hi, I'm Reneille and I'm your future best friend - oops, I mean, event planner! As passionate as I am about event planning, I'm even more passionate around making sure your day is nothing short of perfection. I am a full service event planner and designer, allowing my creativity and experience with modern communication and technology to deliver the most seamless planning experience to our clients. As I am available for service all over Washington and destination events, I'm also very flexible and easy to reach.

With an iPhone and tablet glued to my hip, I can promise nothing less than ultra-fast response time paired with an eye for elegant execution. My background of 11+ years specializes in sales, project management and event planning for large corporations in multiple industries. I am used to a fast paced environment, organizing vendors/contracts and providing the best customer experience in the market.

Let me run around in heels planning your big day - you go get married!



My name is Zhane and I love weddings! I am the Day of Event Assistant for the company. My job is to assist the event coordinators with the full-day event including vendor management, rehearsals and more. Having worked in the restaurant business for quite some time, I have a desire to ensure all customers are happy and satisfied with the services they’re provided with. Working in such fast-paced atmospheres, my high energy and ability to multitask allows me to help our event coordinators with any sized event.

In my spare time I love spending time with my family, boyfriend Armando and our dog, Tookie. I enjoy traveling and exploring the world and of course, making your event run smoothly!