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Our Team

Hi, we’d love to plan your wedding! (And we really, really mean it)




Diana Falcone, Lead Event Planner / Company Manager

Beginning as a private event planner in the busy city of New York City, Diana is used to a fast-paced environment. From experience with coordinating large corporate events to small/medium wedding ceremonies, Diana's track record for a diverse amount of events on her resume is not only impressive, but translates to a record of raves and impressions. Detail oriented, organized and glued to all wedding magazines and Pinterest, Diana can curate a wonderful design of weddings and wedding day execution plans like no other. Diana holds a Bachelors Degree from Clemson University.

Diana also serves as the Company Manager for Cake & Lace Events.

Diana specializes in the Bainbridge/Kitsap area for weddings and corporate events.


Karen Seo, Associate Planner

With an eye for design and a personality that can put a smile on anyone's face, Karen pairs well with any couple looking for someone to plan the next step in their lives. Karen holds a Bachelors Degree from the University of Washington, as well as years of experience in the project management field. Having to adhere to tough deadlines and create essential timelines and plans, her skillset translates seamlessly into wedding planning. She has been passionate about weddings since planning her own and wants every couple to experience a flawless wedding day.

Karen is fluent in Korean and specializes in Korean ceremonies, receptions and organizing pyebaek gatherings. 


Linda Nguyen, Associate Planner

Bold, sociable and organized, Linda discovered her passion for event planning while planning weddings, trips and events for her friends and family. Linda holds a Bachelors of Arts Degree from Seattle University, as well as years of experience in marketing and administrative roles. Finding inspiration in fashion blogs and travel is where Linda's eye for timeless design began. Under her watch, every itinerary is carefully produced and reviewed with a fine tooth comb. Linda loves to use her passion for planning to help couples find their story within their celebrations.

Linda is fluent in Vietnamese and is experienced with Vietnamese weddings and traditions, including planning/coordinating tea ceremonies, attire and decor. 


Kate Hueber, Associate Planner

Say hello to a born and raised PNW event enthusiast! Kate began her career in event planning by interning for the University of Arizona athletic department. She then scored a touchdown with the Seattle Seahawks after college and continued her career executing logistics for corporate events. Since she has chosen to combine her passions for event design and now love stories into a career that allows her to plan weddings that are just as beautiful as her client’s marriages. She believes every detail is apart of the big picture, which is why her niche is designing weddings that truly capture her client’s personalities even if that means coordinating their dogs role in the wedding! Kate holds a Bachelors of Arts Degree from the University of Arizona in Communications.

Kate is head over heels for the wedding industry and would love to help you celebrate your very own love story! She is best known for infusing romance into every step of the wedding day!