Wedding of Sarah & Scott

Nothing describes this wedding more than the word STUNNING. Sarah did a fantastic job rounding up a A-Team of vendors for us to manage for this Day of Coordination job, totaling over 8+ vendors for her special day. After 10+ months of planning from attending bridal shows, to venue visits and more, we were happy she hired us and decided to take a day off from being a planner and spend this one special day being a guest! 

From Scott's custom guitar-shaped wedding cake to the fantastic and entertaining DJ from Sounds Unlimited (Jamal - by the way, if you ever read this, you're awesome!), this wedding was nothing but beautifully coordinated.

Fires? Oh yeah, there were a few. But of course, we couldn't let Sarah know until the next time we spoke to her.

Shout-out to Barb from A Tailored Affair in Tukwila who came to the rescue and installed the pipe and drape twinkle background. We outsourced the decor to save the bride $700+, however, there was a tiny miscommunication on who was setting it up. Barb, Kiara, myself and our assistants took our heels off and climbed on a ladder and hung that pipe and drape up with an hour left to spare! And it was beautiful.

Other than that, the photobooth vendor dropped the F-bomb a few times because she was upset the DJ lights were messing up her photos. But, we handled that - don't worry.

Congrats Sarah & Scott!

Photographer: Natalie Fobes Photography

Wedding of Ashley & Joey


Honestly, this was one of the hands-down coolest weddings I've ever attended! From the ice cream truck rolling up to the reception to the character artist drawing pictures of the wedding guests, I loved it all. Ashley and Joey's family and bridal party were more than welcoming and loving of mine and my assistant's presence. Ashley was a 100% DIY bride, but handed me boxes of decor and trusted me with it all - and I was happy to see that she was satisfied with everything from her 'thank you' text message the next day!

Fires? Running out of ice for the alcohol and beverages, but we made the emergency run for the family so they didn't miss a thing! Oh, and the ice cream truck almost rolled up to a home in Tacoma instead of the wedding venue in Gig Harbor... but we handled that, too. ;)

Congrats Ashley and Joey!

Photographer: RC Media Photography

Wedding of Liz & Mark


Becky, the mother of the Bride, hired us... wait for it... 11 days prior to the Wedding Day. As we dropped everything to begin planning and organizing, Kiara & I spent countless hours bringing the vendors and family together. From the Seahawks Jersey send-off with Liz and Mark, to the blue and green KuKuruza Popcorn Favors, this wedding was the definition of a Seattle family wedding. 

Nothing put more of a smile on our faces than seeing Becky smiling and dancing without a worry in the air on her daughter's wedding day - and that's how we knew our job was complete this night.

Photographer: Kyle Simons Studio